CEO's Message

Katsuhiro Tashima Chief Executive Officer

We refused to be the norm bound by the stereotyped thinking, instead we insist to think out of the box in creating new asset management tools, utilizing all the expertise in all related fields.

It has been said that there is over $14.0 trillion worth of individual assets in Japan, with more than half of it sleeping in the cash accounts and less than 5% of it being invested in investment trusts as opposed to only 13% in cash account and over 14% in investment trusts in the United States. This attributes to the fact that we are in very short supply of attractive investment funds in Japan and the funds have not gained public support as they have in the US.

At Fund Creation Group, we believe it is our mission to vitalize of our economy by creating the tools, in the name of funds, in order to bridge the gap between the investors interests and great investment opportunities.

The followings are a few of our achievements.
As an active asset manager, we have created an investment trust with monthly dividend sourced from Japanese real estate properties rent income.

Fund Creation has also provided funds backed by both Japanese and Chinese top notch real estate properties, as well as Japanese and Chinese unlisted stocks, Asian stocks.

Fund Creation Group is committed to its foundation and put our utmost effort to further increase assets under management.
Let me assure you that Fund Creation Group will continue to create attractive financial products timely, and offer them to our clients around the world.

I wish you all the best and thank you all once again for your continued support.

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